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National Administrative Reforms Council (NARC)

The National Administrative Reforms Council comes under the Ministry of Public Management Reforms.

The National Administrative Reforms Council (NARC) is a special public agency created under the Presidential Directive as per the Constitutional provisions vested in His Excellency the President by Article 33 of the Constitution, for the purpose of formulating and directing the implementation of an administrative reforms programme.

NARC’s mandate encompasses the following key areas of administrative reforms:
(i.) Review the administrative and management structures in the public sector, on a continuing basis, with a view to instituting any reforms that may be necessary to ensure that the entire administrative and management machinery of government is objective driven and is cost effective,
(ii.) Review the human resources management and human resources development systems in government, on a continuing basis, with the objective of upgrading the quality of personnel who man all strata of the public service,
(iii.) Review the work processes in government organizations, on a continuing basis, and introduce necessary changes to ensure that government work is carried out efficiently, effectively and in a people friendly manner, with modern technology being used where necessary and appropriate,
(iv.) Examine any other aspects of government organizations that may be relevant to the objective of administrative and management improvement and modernization,
(v.) Formulate and direct the implementation in all government organizations, of all reform measures that may be necessary in the light of I to IV above,
(vi.) Monitor the progress of such implementation and report to government from time to time.
Reform Initiatives of the NARC:
(i.) Serve as the apex policy making body for the Re engineering Government (Re-Gov) Programme of the Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) and resolve issues in implementing various Re-Gov Projects.
(ii.) Establishment of a network of Management Reform Cells (MRCs) in all Ministries and Departments and other Institutions. The main functions of the MRCs are;
(a). Assisting National Administrative Reforms Council by submitting proposals for administrative reforms.
(b). Taking necessary action to implement the proposals of the government for administrative reforms which are communicated through National Administrative Reforms Council (NARC).
(c). Taking action to implement above proposals for administrative reforms in the departments and institutions under the Ministry.
(d). Implementing proposals for reforms which emerge within the MRC whilst making the National Administrative Reform Council aware of the same.
(e). Creating a culture in the public sector institutions where public servant tends to administrative reforms.
(iii.) Develop strategies to reduce the regulatory workload of Ministry Secretaries. (Report is ready)
(iv.) Preparation of work manuals for all Government agencies. (The Manual for Divisional Secretariats are being Prepared)
(v.) Simplification of Imports and Exports procedures for easing public sector impediments in doing import & export business. A Tripartite Committee was appointed under the chairmanship of the Cabinet Secretary. The Committee is working with all the stakeholders both in the Public Sector & the Private Sector.
(vi.) Liaising Capacity building activities of senior Public Servants with the Collaboration of SLIDA.
(vii.) Development of Human Resource Development Strategy with the collaboration of SLIDA.


Related Documents -
doc Letter-Establishment of NARC dated 12/06/2009
doc Gazette Notification No: 1499/20 dated 30/05/2007
The Director General is the Head of NARC’s executive arm and also serves as the Secretary to the Council.



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